The untruth behind Jacques Pauw’s shipwreck on the foreshore.

Aris Danikas vs Johan Booysen.

Press Council Ombud Pippa Green chaired an adjudication hearing in January that has had enormous consequences for the South African media. For the first time in 13 years, Aris Danikas faced his former commander General Johan Booysen to inspire whistleblowers to keep blowing.


Thanks to Marguerite Coetzee of Omniology for co-conceptualisation
Brian McLarens thirteen forms of bias.
General Johan Booysen and Aris Danikas in happier times together. At a family wedding in 2004.

Part One. Press ganged.

Aris Danikas and John Kiriakou at the book launch of the Greek translation of “The Reluctant Spy: My secret life in the CIA’s War on Terror in 2017
Danikas received several awards for his “no nonsense attitude to the buying and selling of stolen items,” as Johan Booysen praised him, and had an “impressive track record for a volunteer”.
Hopefully the next edition will correct the record.
Aris Danikas has received special recognition by Blueprint for Free Speech, but Pauw did not take them seriously either.

Part Two: Hardness in the Hearing.

Aris and Shelley Anne Danikas. Shortly before leaving in 2008

Part Three: Karma comes calling.

Part Four: Across the Threshold

Graphic by Chrisna Prinsloo




Social worker, journalist, environmentalist, film maker and peace activist. Connecting people. Managing ideas. Choosing life

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